-Capacity: 22 Tons to 190 Tons
-Blank Size: Up to 18" by 30" *can blank outside these dimensions, inquire if needed*
-Material Thickness:
0.008" to 0.312"
-Alloys: Cold rolled steel, Hot rolled Steel, Bar Stock, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel,               4130 Aluminum     *inquire about others*
-Quantities: Prototype to 100,000+

RJM Stamping Company has several presses ranging from 22 Tons to 190 Tons with coil feed capabilities on most presses.

RJM Stamping Company manufactures stampings in any size. From the smallest parts, up to 18 " by 30" blank size, with blank thickness of
up to 3/8" and a maximum blanking pressure of 190 tons, we can create almost any part to your specifiactions.

RJM Stamping Company can run your part(s) on coil or sheet steel depending on your needs. We can run up to 0.312" material thickness in sheet or bar stock and run up to 0.250" X 12" coil.

RJM Stamping Company stocks multiple types of alloys, the most common types being cold roll, hot roll, bar stock, stainless steel (304, 316)
and 4130. RJM Stamping Company can aquire most materials for any and all of your stamping needs.