RJM Stamping Company

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save Money?
We review thousands of prints each year, pursuing ways to save our customers money. Typically our suggestions involve material
specifications, deminsions and tolerances. RJM Stamping will combine operations to save on time and money. We have an abundance of stock tools that are not charged to the customer.
*If your print has a revision, many times we can revise the tool to save the cost of creating a new tool.*

How can I reduce my piece price?
The easiest way to reduce your piece price is to order a larger quantity. The way RJM Stamping Company can help you reduce your
piece price is by accepting blanket orders in which we will hold stock for an agreed upon time and release your parts at the set dates,
allowing you to place one large order for your parts rather than multiple smaller orders.

What are your standard lead times?
RJM Stamping Company prides itself on short delivery times. Standard tooling lead time is four weeks with standard production
lead time of three to four weeks.
*Lead times are subject to change depending on the order.*

What are your certifications?
RJM Stamping Company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. We are also members of WBENC and SME.